We provide hosting services for all kinds of domains and other alternative stuff. You can buy a domain and rent a server space, and we will make sure that everything is working nicely while you just keep on working on the content of your site.

Our offer contains numerous packages that include various services that you can use to improve your online business. They range from small servers and domain purchase to massive servers that include rental of a large server.

Web hosting


Small web hosting services we offer

We aren’t focused on small web hosting services because we don’t have a lot of clients that utilize them. But we do offer them for people who want to try out something new, and they aren’t certain whether they will stay in that business. All of these services are free, and the client only has to pay for the commercial, which is something we aren’t working with.

The service we give off for free is called “Free web hosting service, ” and it has usual limitations of free software in the form of having no advertisement and being able to take on adds that are inexpensive. Contact us and get one of these for free and if you like it, then look into the rest of our offer where we have some great packages for online companies.  You can find the list and break down of other large packages in another post on our site,

Reliability and security – Things that we excel at

Virtual servers are the core of web hosting, and their reliability and uptime will determine whether a company will flourish or disappear. Both of these aspects of the business have to be excellent to attract and keep the clients from approaching the competition.

We can be open about the reliability of our servers as they are up more than websites and servers of other companies. Our servers are reliable, and no client had any problems with accessing the server up to the date. Uptime on our servers is excellent as well, and it represents our dedication to keeping your websites in working order. We only have several scheduled downtime times to perform analysis of the server and to finish regular maintenance. All clients that rented a server or domain will get notified several days before the event.

Security of the data

Security of the data our client transfers on the server is of utmost importance as many of our customers do business over virtual servers and thus they require high security. We are proud to say that we use encryption software that creates unique keys for every server and every page. The client is the only one who has access to their domain, and they are the only party that can give that access to someone. The key is so unique that we don’t have it and thus we don’t have access to the data our clients’ store.

If you are interested in our packages, then sift through our articles, and you will find info about types of servers and access we can give you.