The backbone of our business lies in server rental. But we offer numerous packages that involve various features that will fulfill all requests of our clients. Every customer will find a package that will be excellent for them and where they will be able to utilize tools and instruments that they gain from us entirely. Here are two lists of more common and some exotic packages that are full of features that you might find to your liking.

Conventional web hosting

Conventional web hosting packages that many find useful

Packages that we list here are commonly requested by our clients, and you will see that they are quite versatile and affordable. We will list other less common sites in another post so be sure to browse through or site and see whether one of them suits you.

Shared web hosting service is a very attractive package as our clients don’t have to rent a whole server. This package includes space on a server where you will be able to store and upload anything you want. One great thing about the way we rent server space is that you won’t suffer due to constant uploads and downloads of other clients. When we say that you have the freedom to upload something at one speed, then you will get that speed, as long as your internet connection can support it. Additional features for this package are limited, and the flexibility is small when you compare it with other services that we offer.

Virtual dedicated server

VPS aka virtual dedicated server is similar to the previous service but in this case, we divide one large server into several virtual data storages and our clients can rent one of those.  One significant advantage of this system is that we can allocate resources to neutralize the impact that bad software can have on the business. We allocate resources to take the load of the client and to provide a possibility of moving the data from one server to another without any problems. We offer two types of VPS, the managed server space (where our admin patches and maintains it) and unmanaged (you have to do everything alone). The price of the package will depend on which one you choose).

Other viable packages you might like

Reseller web hosting is a compact package that is aimed at people who plan to become smaller web hosting businesses. A client that approaches us with this in mind can choose everything from buying a domain, or several of those, up to rental of a whole virtual server. Those that decide to rent a server and work with it will pay us a monthly fee. We tend to avoid selling an entire server because there might be some problems that we don’t want to deal with.

Contact us and get a package for cheap price

Years of experience and professional employees, as well as numerous connections, allow us to offer our services at premium prices. Browse through our web page, and you will see that our pricing is better than the competition that is relatively new, in the business, when compared to us.