Sale and rental of domains is a large market, and we are one of the bigger players in it. This market revolves around them, or to be more precise, their rental or sale, and we are at the top because we work on a massive scale, and we introduced some exciting features that draw people toward us.

One of the things that make us better than the competition is the fact that we divide domains into groups, according to the area that they would benefit most of. Blog domain section is a good example of that. It contains domains that will work best if used for blogging.

Types of blog domains we offer

Domains we offer

People like us because we prefer to order over chaos and we implement categorization in all aspects of our business to improve the order of our website. This makes it easier for our clients to find a product they want and purchase it more easily that they could do with other web hosting companies. We introduced categorization into our blog domain section, so you can choose a right domain for the type of blog you are planning to make.

We have domains that are perfect for group aka collaborate blogging. Blogs like this are centered on a particular niche, and thus we have various domains that cover a lot of general themes. We have domains that are perfect for technology, advocacy, law, politics, and economy and so on and as you can see, the diversity is something we support.

Domains for personal blogs represent the largest part of domains we own at any moment. You can buy one to start a blog and write about something you like, or you can buy several domains and develop business through ads and linking pay sites. The price difference between domains that belong to this group comes from the name of the field as some will attract more attention and other less of it.

We also have single domains with names that don’t attract attention, and they can be found in the corporate blog section. These blogs aren’t public, and only employees can see it (people chosen by the party that purchased the domain and started the blog).

The final type of fields we offer are microblogging form which represents blogs which contain a lot of short posts (up to 50 words), and they get updated quite frequently. This is perfect for travelers that like to post daily updates about their voyage.


Conclusion – Come to us for the best domains

So, if you want to purchase a domain or two then contact us and browse our store. You will find that we have anything that you can imagine including hundreds of different domains. Our offer isn’t limited to domains only as we offer multiple types of web hosting and we also rent a virtual server.

We have been in this business for over ten years, and we have grown to become one of the leaders on the market which are why you should work with us.