About us

Caroline And Young

The best web hosting provider on the market

Caroline And Young is a web hosting company that dominates the market with their superior business model. That is a short description of our business. The long story would be too long for this post, but we can only tell you that the beginning was fun and the race to become the prominent figure on the growing market was full of ups and downs.

We founded this company at the very beginning of the web hosting era and back then we were just a small business that had nothing but ideas. The beginning was simple as there wasn’t too much tech that changes the game on weekly basis. But we prevailed in that race and rose above others. It was interesting and exciting to improve the business as new tech arrived and we were forced to push on and think of new ways to improve our company.

 The past is behind us, and we are looking toward the future. Cloud technology is advancing, and it will become prominent tech for web hosting in a year or two. We plan to shift our business to fully support Cloud Tech and to change all our business to Cloud servers. This won’t happen until the Cloud server security becomes as useful as security on traditional servers.