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Selling domain names is just one of the services that we offer. We don’t have to sell domains but we are providing that service because many of our customers work with domains and it’s easier for them to buy them at the same place where they get web hosting services.

Web hosting aka renting server space is a core service that we offer. Browse our store, and you will encounter dozens of WordPress hosting packages that include various managed WordPress hosting features. Check it and find a package that suits your line of business.

Maintenance and updating of the server are another service that we offer. The client can choose to do those things alone, and they will save some money (they will have to pay IT department to take care of that).

Installation and update of tools and instruments are another service that we have in our store. The client can do it alone, and that is OK, but we can install some excellent WordPress tools at a premium price.




Being one of the oldest managed WordPress hosting companies will tell you a lot about us. No company can survive changes that this market experiences, without adapting to them and raising the bar for the competition. We have entered the market at its infant stage, and we have been on the top since then, and that is why you should look no further for a reliable WP hosting.

Caroline And Young

We are a leading managed WordPress hosting company that provides all types of WordPress hosting services to our clients. We offer dozens of packages that help our customers in their line of business & WP sites. We have been in the top managed WordPress hosting business listings for over 3 years, and we know what our customers want, and therefore we can provide it without any problems. We’ve dealt with most WordPress issues you’ve ever come across.



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Kevin from Event Horizon

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